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Link-Belt 70 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane


Upper Structure


Patented Design:

  • Boom side plates have diamond shaped impressions for superior strength to weight ratio and 100,000 p.s.i. (689.5 MPa) steel angle chords for lateral stiffness.

  • Boom telescope sections are supported by top, bottom and adjustable side wear shoes to prevent metal to metal contact.


  • 38 – 115’ (11.58 – 35.05 m) four–section full power boom
  • Two mode boom extension
  • The basic mode is the full power, synchronized mode of telescoping all sections proportionally to 115’ (35.05 m)
  • The exclusive “A–max” mode (or mode ‘A’) extends only the inner mid section to 63’ 6” (19.39 m) offering increased capacities for in–close, maximum capacity picks.

Boom Head:

  • Five 16–1/2” (0.42 m) root diameter nylon sheaves with a fifth nylon sheave available to handle up to 10 parts of wire rope.
  • Easily removable wire rope guards
  • Rope dead end lugs provided on each side of boom head.
  • Boom head designed for quick reeve of hook block.
  • Fly pinning alignment tool.

Boom Elevation

  • One Link–Belt designed hydraulic cylinder: with holding valve and bushing in each end.
  • Hand control for controlling boom elevation from –3° to +78°.

Optional Auxiliary Lifting Sheave:

  • Single 16–1/2” (0.42 m) root diameter nylon sheave with removable wire rope guard, mounted to boom.
  • Use with one or two parts of line off the optional front winch.
  • Does not affect erection of fly or use of main head sheaves for multiple reeving.


  • 70–ton (63.5 mt) quick reeve hook block.
  • 8–1/2 ton (7.7 mt) hook ball.
  • Boom floodlight.
  • Mechanical Boom Angle Indicator



  • 36’ 6” (11.13 m) One piece lattice fly, stowable, offsettable to 2°, 20° and 40°.
  • Lugs to allow for second section.
  • 36’ 6” – 61’ (11.13 – 18.59 m) Two piece (bifold) lattice fly, stowable, offsettable to 2°, 20° or 40°.

Cab and Constrols

Environmental Ultra–Cab™:

  • Laminated fiborus composite material; isolated from sound with acoustical fabric insulation.
  • Windows are tinted and tempered safety glass.
  • Sliding rear and right side windows and swing–up roof window for maximum visibility and ventilation.
  • Slide–by–door opens to 3’ (0.91 m) width.
  • Six–way adjustable seat, with seat belt, for maximum operator comfort.
  • Hand–held outrigger controls and sight level bubble located on left side of cab.
  • Diesel cab heater
  • Pull–out Cabwalk™
  • Audible swing alarm
  • Backup alarm
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 12–volt accessory outlet
  • Electric windshield wiper
  • Windshield washer
  • Top hatch window wiper


  • Amber strobe light
  • Emergency steering system
  • Amber rotating beacon
  • Hydraulic heater
  • Air conditioning


Hydraulic controls (joystick type) for:

  • Swing
  • Optional auxiliary winch
  • Main winch
  • Boom hoist

Foot controls for:

  • Boom telescope
  • Engine throttle
  • Swing brake


  • Single axis controls
  • Auxiliary winch

Cab Instrumentation

Cornerpost–mounted gauges for:

  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Audio/Visual warning system
  • Tachometer
  • Voltmeter
  • Water temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel

Rated Capacity Limiter

  • Microguard 434 Graphic audio–visual warning system built into dash with anti– two block and function limiters.

Operating data available includes:

  • Machine configuration.
  • Boom length
  • Head height
  • Allowed load
  • % of allowed load
  • Boom angle
  • Radius of load
  • Actual load

Presettable alarms include:

  • Maximum and minimum boom angles.
  • Maximum tip height.
  • Maximum boom length
  • Swing left/right positions.
  • Operator defined area alarm is standard.
  • Anti–two block weight designed for quick reeve of hookblock.


  • Internal RCL light bar: Visually informs operator when crane is approaching maximum load capacity with a series of green, yellow and red lights.
  • External RCL light bar: Visually informs ground crew when crane is approaching maximum load capacity kickouts and presettable alarms with a series of three lights; green, yellow and red.


Bi–directional hydraulic swing motor mounted to a planetary reducer for 360° continuous smooth swing at 1.7 r.p.m.

  • Swing park brake – 360°, electric over hydraulic (spring applied, hydraulic released) multi–disc brake mounted on the speed reducer. Operated by toggle switch in overhead control console
  • Swing brake – 360°, foot operated, hydraulic applied disc brake mounted on the speed reducer.
  • Swing lock – Standard; two position travel lock operated from the operator’s cab.


  • Standard – Pinned to upper structure frame. 12,000 lbs. (5 443 kg) three–piece design (4,000 lbs. each).
  • Optional – 16,000 lbs. (7 258 kg) five piece design. (Dolly required for five piece arrangement).
  • Hydraulically controlled counterweight removal, standard. Counterweight sections may be lowered on and pinned to carrier deck to balance axle loadings for travel.


  • 360° (Pawl–in–Gear) swing lock. Meets New York City requirements.

Hydraulic System

Main Pump:

  • Two gear pump with a total of five sections.
  • Combined pump capacity of 152 gpm (575 lpm). Powered by carrier engine with pump disconnect.
  • Spline type pump disconnect, engaged / disengaged from carrier cab.
  • Maximum system operating pressure is 3,500 psi (24 133 kPa).

Pilot Pressure / Counterweight Removal Pump:

  • Pressure compensated piston pump powered by carrier engine with pump disconnect. Operates at 1,500 psi (10 343 kPa) maximum.

Steering / Fifth Outrigger Pump:

  • Single gear type pump, 8 gpm (30 lpm). Powered by carrier engine through front gear housing. Max. pump operating pressure is 2,000 psi (13 790 kPa).
  • Reservoir – 169 gallon (639.7 L) capacity. One diffuser for deaeration.


  • One, 10–micron filter located inside hydraulic reservoir
  • Accessible for easy replacement

Control valves:

  • Si$ separate pilot operated control valves allow simultaneous operation of all crane functions.

Load Hoist System


  • 2M main winch with grooved lagging.
  • Two–speed motor and automatic brake.
  • Power up/down mode of operation.
  • Hoist drum cable followers.
  • Bi–directional piston–type hydraulic motor driven through planetary reduction unit for positive control under all load conditions.
  • Asynchronous parallel double crossover grooved drums minimize rope harmonic motion.
  • Winch circuit control provides balanced oil flow to both winches for smooth, simultaneous operation.
  • Rotation resistant wire rope.
  • Drum Rotation Indicators.

Line Pulls and Speeds:

  • Maximum available line pull 16,506 lbs. (7 484 kg) and maximum line speed of 513 f.p.m. (156 m/min) on 16” (0.41 m) root diameter grooved drum.


  • 2M auxiliary winch with two–speed motor, automatic brake, and winch function lockout. Power up/down modes.
  • Hoist drum cable followers.
  • Third wrap indicators.

Carrier Type

  • 8’ 6” (2.59 m) wide, 231” (5.87 m) wheelbase. 8 x 4 drive – standard


  • 100,000 p.s.i. (689.5 MPa) steel, double walled construction with integral 100,000 p.s.i. steel outrigger boxes


  • Carrier mounted storage boxes
  • Pintle hook
  • Electric and air connections for trailers and boom dollies



  • Tandem, 84.38” (2.14 m) track.


  • Tandem, 72.8” (1.85 m) track. 6.17 to 1.0 ratio with interaxle differential with lockout.


Front axle

  • Leaf spring suspension

Rear axle

  • Solid mount, bogie beam type



  • Front and rear hub piloted aluminum disc


  • Spare tire and wheel assemblies


Standard Front

  • 445/65R22.5 (Load range ”L”) single tubeless radials

Standard Rear

  • 12R22.5 (Load range “L”) dual tubeless radials



  • Full air brakes on all wheel ends with automatic slack adjustors. Dual circuit with modulated emergency brakes.
  • Front – 16.5 x 6 S–Cam brakes.
  • Rear – 16.5 x 7 S–Cam brakes.


  • One spring set, air released chamber per rear axle end.
  • Parking brake applied with valve mounted on carrier dash.
  • Emergency brakes apply automatically when air drops below 40 psi (275.8 kPa) in both systems.


  • Sheppard rack and pinion design.


Standard– Eaton RTO–14709MLL; 11 speeds forward, 3 reverse.


  • Four, 12–volt batteries provide 12–volt starting.
  • 2,800 cold cranking amps available.
  • 12–volt operating system, 130–amp alternator.


  • Four dual beam sealed headlights.
  • Front, side, and rear directional signals.
  • Stop, tail and license plate lights.
  • Rear and side clearance lights.
  • Hazard warning lights.


  • Three position operation capability.
  • Four hydraulic, telescoping beam and jack outriggers.
  • Vertical jack cylinders equipped with integral holding valve.
  • Beams extend to 24’ (7.32 m) centerline– to–centerline and retract to within 8’ 6” (2.59 m) overall width.
  • Equipped with stowable, lightweight 24” (0.61 m) diameter aluminum floats.
  • Standard fifth outrigger, 14 3/4” (0.37 m) self storing steel pad is operable from ground or operator’s cab.
  • Hand–held controls and sight level bubble located on carrier deck.

Confined Area Lifting Capacities (CALC™) System

  • The crane is operational in one of the three outriggers positions and operational in confined areas in two positions (intermediate and full retraction.

The three outrigger positions are:

  • Full extension – 24’ 0” (7.32 m).
  • Intermediate position – 14’ 7” (4.45 m).
  • Full retraction – 7’ 9” (2.36 m).
  • Capacities are available with the outrigger beams in the intermediate and full retraction positions.
  • When the outrigger position levers (located on the outrigger beams) are engaged, the operator can set the crane in the intermediate or full retraction outrigger position without having to leave the cab.

Carrier Cab

  • One–man cab of laminated fibrous composite material acoustical insulation with cloth covering.

Equipped with:

  • Air–ride adjustable operator’s seat with seat belt.
  • Tilting and locking steering wheel.
  • Door and windows locks.
  • Left–hand and right–hand rear view mirrors.
  • Sliding right–hand and rear tinted windows.
  • Roll up/down left–hand tinted window.
  • Desiccant–type air dryer.
  • Steps to upper, lower cab and rear carrier.
  • 120–volt electric engine block heater.
  • Back–up warning alarm.
  • Tow hooks and shackles.
  • Aluminum fenders and mud flaps
  • Carrier mounted outrigger controls with throttle control.
  • Electric windshield wiper and washer.
  • Rotating beacon
  • Horn
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 36,000 BTU heater
  • Dome light
  • High beam light switch
  • Travel lights
  • Mud flaps
  • Ashtray
  • Defroster
  • Cruise control

Cab instrumentation

  • Illuminated instrument panel speedometer.
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Turn signal indicator
  • Water temperature gauge.
  • Front and rear air pressure gauges.
  • Audio/visual warning system.
  • Check engine and stop engine lights.
  • Automotive type ignition.
  • Hourmeter
  • Fuses
  • Odometer
  • Voltmeter
  • Optional – Amber strobe light.
  • Optional – Air conditioning